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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas Day 3: A Christmas Surprise for Syria

I have always been quite proud to be British. Our welfare system is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Healthcare is free as is basic education, there's a benefit system in place that despite the beings who abuse it is actually an extremely helpful tool and prevents even more cases of poverty arising.

Yesterday at 22:30 MP's voted as to whether airstrikes should be carried out on Syria. 397 MP's, a majority of 174 MP's voted in favour.
I find it difficult to comprehend how a parliament that advocates such welfare and safety of citizens of this country can allow the murder of countless civilians. Do the lives of Syrians mean less than British Lives?

Regardless of any positive outcomes that 'may' come from the attack, it will never outweigh the loss of human life that will undoubtedly occur.

Many Syrians have already lost family and in the coming days many are bound to loose more. So whilst we get ready for Christmas and look forward to being surrounded by our own families I hope we can give some thought to the poor souls who won't be seeing their partners, mothers or sons or grandparents.

Many seem to think this is all we are to be able to do. Tweet #PrayForSyria or #PrayForHumanity or post a heartfelt message on some social media site. But if a £1 was donated for every time this occurred Syria may not be better off, but the support could ensure the humanitarian efforts can continue to better the situation in any way they possibly can. So instead of sharing on social media how much you wish the airstrikes were not taking place why not donate to the BRC Syrian Crisis Appeal or another charity of your choice?

Thanks for Reading! :)

(Sorry for the slightly ranty post, back to a slightly more light-hearted and fun Blogmas post tomorrow!)

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  1. Such a sad world we're in right now :( And you're so right about donating, not just posting on instagram, although social media does help to spread awareness x

    1. I know I can't watch the news without feeling sick!
      Absolutely it was so helpful for Paris victims needing to find shelter! x

  2. Btw, are the Red Cross sponsoring you to suggest their charity? lol

    1. Haha unfortunately not :P
      I'm a tad biased seeing as I volunteer for them... x