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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15: DIY Washing Line Photo Hanger...

With Christmas Holidays now upon us everyone's sure to have a couple of hours free and no idea what to do with them! Personally I hate being idle and love doing craft things, so this post shows one of the DIY ideas I came up with this year, a Washing Line Photo Hanger!
It's a cute homemade alternative to a store bought frame and pretty simple to make and adapt, so here's how to make it...

What you'll need:
Cardboard (30cm x 30cm), String, Paper Fasteners (20mm), Mini Pegs, Photos
What to do:
  • Push 6 pairs of Fasteners parallel to each other on the cardboard at the top, middle and bottom of the cardboard but do not spread out the backs
  • Take the string and tie it from one parallel pin to the other (like a washing line!)
  • Now spread out the backs so they're securely fixed in
  • Use the Mini Pegs to pin the Pictures to the string securely

These can be displayed anywhere; on a shelf in a book case or you can simply bluetack it to a wall.
You can even give this away as a present in a frame, such as this one!
The homemade feel of these makes them a much more thoughtful present than a store bought frame :)

Thanks for Reading! :)

What's you favourite DIY idea?

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