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Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Market fun!

Recently I've seen a fair few Christmas Market posts on Instagram (you can follow me here) and the stalls, the food and the decorations fostered a longing to experience one too. So I did and took some photos of my own in an attempt to capture the atmosphere...

We arrived at around 5 o' clock so it was already quite dark, but not the menacing type as the lights draping the area emitted a calming blue aura. The stalls really stood out to me as they looked less like stalls and more like miniature Victorian houses, complete with windows and tiled roof's dusted in snow and covered in lights. They were inviting and even homely as were the owners!
Feeling compelled to take a closer look, we went to the best stall of all; the one laden with sweets and treats...

We ambled round the bijou market taking it in; an ice skating rink, a merry go round, a helter skelter, stalls and towering above it all a giant Christmas tree! The Town Hall made the perfect backdrop to all of this and it was decorated to match the festivities of Old Market Square where this took place...

The atmosphere was such that we were more than content not doing much else than admiring the place. There was not all that much to do at the market itself  but the atmosphere of excitement and the cosy arrangement of things is what made it great.

I'll certainly be trying to visit more Christmas Markets in future in the hope that they'll be half as pleasant to explore as this was!

Thanks for Reading! :)

P.s a huuuuuuge thank you to my local guide (if you're reading this!) I wouldn't have found my way to the "suicide squad" without you :P

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