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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Milani Lipstick Review

I first heard of Milani about a year ago and I was instantly intrigued by such an affordable yet highly regarded make-up brand. Disappointingly I realised that they do not stock Milani in the UK. However I was a pleasant surprise to find that good old amazon sold some of their products!
It was a challenge trying to decide which items I wanted to try first, especially since I had never seen the products or swatched anything! However being a lipstick lover I decided to go for 3 very different lipsticks...

L-R 25 Naturally Chic, 17 Plumrose, 22 Chilled Brandy

The first one is a pinky nude shade called Naturally Chic (Buy Here). For the last year this has been my go to nude. It is a perfect nude for a yellowy or slightly darker skin tone as it doesn't wash you out yet looks very natural. The application is a easy and it doesn't feel sticky or cling to dry patches and the formula is quite moisturising. The colour payoff is great however as it is not matte I did find that it wore off slightly throughout the day!

The second lipstick; Plumrose is a bright fuchsia shade (Buy Here). It has the same consistency and colour pay off however it lasts longer on the lips than the previous shade. The colour is quite a bold one that can definitely be worn during the day as well as at night adding quite an eye-catching pop of colour to your make-up look!

The final shade is called Chilled Brandy (Buy Here) and unlike the other two lipsticks it is VERY glittery. This makes application less smooth and can be a bit drying. It's matte and also quite a dark shade making it quite a good nighttime/going out colour.

All three lipsticks are definitely worth buying (I purchased them for £3.51 each). In fact Naturally Chic and Plumrose tick all the boxes of a perfect lipstick and I would pay three times the price! All in all I'm impressed with the quality of these lipsticks and am looking forward to trying more Milani products!

Which Lipstick Shade is your favourite? Have you got any Milani recommendations?

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

No New News Here...

I absolutely hate watching the news.
I'm a pretty empathetic person and I get quite affected when I see others in distress or hurting or the loss of any life. So naturally watching the news saddens me as there seems to always be an abundance of bad news.

Just in recent days, atrocities that occurred in Paris have rightly been featured heavily in the news. What happened in Paris is a prime example of the kind of tragedy that happens far too regularly nowadays.
The only thing shown on the news/social media in the days after the attack that helped restore my faith in humanity was the overwhelming support shown for those in Paris. From the hashtag on twitter for Parisians in need to use to find shelter to many various monuments lighting up in Blue, White and Red.

Even Facebook created a filter of the french flag for people to put over their profile pictures. Although the sentiment is sweet and I myself partook in the act, I realise this wasn't a politically correct act. Articles from The Independent on why Charlotte Farnham won't be changing her profile picture and one questioning whether we are Euro-centric and why Facebook has only given the option to add a French flag filter somewhat sum up my ideology.

The gist of the articles are that it isn't right to show support for France in this way when this kind of senseless violence and tragedy is occurring regularly.
Both an attack in Lebanon and an Earthquake in Japan happened within 24 hours of the Paris attack, but where are the filters for these tragedies? Or for the countless times innocents have been slaughtered before this? Thus suggesting the way we've shown our support can seem as though we value the lives of Europeans more.

I completely understand that mourning is a personal choice as is how people choose to show their support, but I do hope that people are aware and equally saddened by the deaths of so many more outside of Europe!

Did you change your profile picture? Do you still stand by your choice?

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Winter is coming...

Although Winter doesn't actually begin until the 21st of December this year, as soon as bonfire night has passed I can't help thinking that winter has begun!
Maybe it's the events of bonfire night; wrapping up in coats and scarves to evade the chilly evening air, huddling round a warm beacon of light and heat, playing with sparklers with gloved hands that send the signal to my brain: WINTER IS HERE!

Regardless of why, the "winter feels" immediately alter my behaviour slightly, and make me reach for different things to wear and use, to suit the winter life a bit more...

Ankle Boots: For when you still want your tootsies to be warm as can be but would rather a touch more sophistication (and height!) than Uggs, pop on some thick socks and slip these on! - New Look

Trenchcoat: An elegant layer to make any outfit warmer and smarter. (Also great if you like pretending to be Misha Collins as Castiel :P) - H&M

Moisturiser: Winter has that unfortunate effect of drying things out, so a good moisturiser will help to relieve chapped lips and dry skin. - Lancome

Tumbler/Thermos: For those frosty mornings where just holding a warm beverage is a welcome treat. - Costa

Uggs: they're a love it or loathe it item for sure. I used to be a loather as I thought they looked chunky and were the opposite of winter elegance. However when I popped into Bicester Village and tried some on... bliss! They felt so warm and cosy that you forget any preconceived notions and HAVE to own some! - Ugg

Touch-screen gloves: In a world of constantly requiring phone usage, these are essential. This pair is one of the very few pairs I've managed to find that aren't too obvious in their function and look semi nice. - Jack Wills

Jumpers: Not much to say other than: they keep you warm and are great for layering! - Next

Lipstick: Nothing screams winter more than Dark Berry Shade or a Red lip to get you excited for Christmas! - Boots; Elizabeth Arden in 02 Red Door Red (Top LHS swatch), Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick in Always Plum (Top RHS swatch), Bourgeois Rouge Edition in 18 Violine Strass (Bottom RHS swatch)

Candles: Placing a burning candle or two around the house can brighten the place up and make your house smell divine! -  The Candle Factory, Herbal Lavender

What's the one thing that you can't live without when Winter comes around?

Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hype: Balmain x H&M

Although I'm a self-confessed shop-a-holic, there are very few releases that make me so excited that I plan in advance. However the H&M collaboration with Balmain is most definitely one of them.

There are many reasons I'm excited for this collection, one of the most important being the fact that I've been a fan of Balmain for quite some time. Many aspects of the garments produced by Balmain are appealing to me, such as the heavily embellishment donned my many of the pieces, the eye-catching geometric designs or the snug fit of the dresses!

However it's not just the pieces that make Balmain attractive to many people, it's what the brand today led by Olivier Rousteing's idea's, stands for; CONFIDENCE. When asked by H&M for an article, how [he] would describe the universe of Balmain in general, Rousting said;

"Flamboyant. And there is a lot of sexiness, power and glamour. Obviously, my sexy is not an easy sexy because it’s not about showing a lot of leg or skin. Instead, it comes from confidence and an attitude – men and women who believe in themselves. And are daring, because you have to be daring to wear a Balmain outfit."

Which I think is a great idea for a brand to stand behind.

Another reason I was so excited for this collaboration is also well explained by Rousting in the same article...

"What H&M represents today is exactly like my vision of the modern world. They talk to different ages, money ranges and different races. They talk to the street straightaway – I wish luxury could actually work in the same way. So I really identified with H&M, and this is honestly why I said yes to the collaboration. This is something really emotional for me."

"And [this collaboration], it’s going to be once in maybe a century that people will have this chance to get these couture things. It’s a piece of a dream I want to give to the world."

In all honesty, most of us can't afford high-end fashion nor want to due to the hefty price tags. This collab gives the everyday person a unique opportunity to own an item of such high craftsmanship.

The final thing that spurred my desire to own something from the collection is H&M's values. Many will have heard of rumours about the high-end fashion industry similar to Louis Vuitton burning unsold stock so it doesn't get into the hands of homeless people or those who cannot afford it. It's an unfortunate fact that high end brands not wanting to be associated with the poor or homeless, so they waste clothes and unsold items. These items could be put to so much good use if people were willing to overlook "business" and focus on compassion and good morals. 
H&M however run a campaign whereby they give customers £5 discount vouchers if they bring in a bag full of clothes, in any condition. The sustainability section on their site shows all the other ways H&M try to make their business ethical.
Seeing as one of the reasons I am a bit weary of high-end fashion is due to their unethical actions and waste issues, knowing H&M do such good work is inspiring and I'd be proud to support them in any ventures including the one with this high-end brand in hopes their ideals will be passed on.

To lighten the mood I thought I'd share my 5 favourite pieces from the collection...

The classic style of this bag
ensures lots of use...

The intricate detailing on the dress is gorgeous and the body con fit makes this dress sure to be a hit at any party!

The geometric design, the sparkles and the low cut v-neckline of this dress will make anyone feel sexy instantaneously!

 The perfect throw on and go blazer,
adding sophistication to any outfit!
You can have a
piece of Balmain
everywhere you go!

The texture and colour of this dress are to die for! And it can be dressed up or down!

With less than 12 hours to go until the launch, I will be online and ready with my debit card to buy a piece  from a collection sure to go down in history!

What's your favourite piece from the collection?
Thanks for reading! :)