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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blogmas Day 12: 5 Under £5 - One for the Book Worm...

With there being so many genres of books and people having such unique and individual tastes I found it impossible to choose a single book that I thought would make a good Christmas present. I did however manage to narrow it down to 4...

This book is a well written study into introverts and extroverts. The book begins by explaining that we all fit into categories such as calm extroverts, anxious extroverts, calm introverts and anxious introverts and that in today's world extroverted qualities seem to be thought of as more desirable and valuable. However Caine goes on to use herself as an example of how introverts are equally valuable and how many great contributors to science, literature, technology etc. (the list is endless!) were introverts.
This book would be perfect not only for someone interested in introverts and extrovert, but those fascinated by sociology, psychology or just stimulating books!

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven...
(Amazon Kindle Version)
I read this book in January of this year and despite having read copious amounts of books since, this book has stuck in my mind. The reason being the intriguing main characters. Niven has created a character so mysterious and exciting (Finch) that frankly I'm heart broken that he doesn't really exist! I really couldn't put this book down, partially due to the excellent and unique style of writing and partially due to the themes. The themes include mental health and suicide. The Guardian puts my thoughts on these perfectly; "The book could make readers realise they have a related issue and it's great that support is offered.". For me personally it gave me an insight into what someone with such mental issues is experiencing and really helps one to empathise. Another underrated aspect of this book is Finch's obvious wanderlust. As a self-proclaimed lover of travel, it was delightful to see the characters exploring the hidden treasures their home town!
I don't think there's anyone I wouldn't consider buying this book for as it really is a book that anyone can enjoy!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern...
(Amazon Kindle Version)
I'm not a great fan of love stories but I wouldn't exactly class this book as just a love story. Although the book is supposed to centre around two characters who do end up falling in love, it doesn't focus solely on them. In fact Morgenstern delves quite deeply into most of the characters who are as equally fascinating as the main two. It's as if she creates separate stories for each character, which she strategically places into the main story. I things I adore most about the book are the style in which it is written so as to keep you in the dark enough to keep you reading continuously till the last page, the characters you can't help but fall for and not to mention the description of the circus itself! I became increasingly melancholy reading about the circus as I will never have the extraordinary pleasure of experience it. I'll just have to settle for donning a red scarf and imagining myself into the book!
Perfect for anyone with half a heart and a penchant for great story telling.

100 Days Happier by Domonique Bertolucci...
Urban Outfitters
Truly a book for anyone and everyone. It's a truth universally acknowledged that most of us are on a quest for happiness. And although happiness is subjective this book gives you a daily pearl of wisdom as to how you can get by in your day to day life in a happier manner. The book begins with one of my favourite quotes from Aristotle... "Happiness depends upon ourselves". Although factors beyond our control can alter our happiness I largely believe this to be true and even when dealt a bad hand your outlook can ultimately lead you back to happiness. Thus the quotes and notes in the book will help you alter your outlook and behaviour in order to be a happier individual!
Although anyone could read this book and enjoy it I think a more mature audience would benefit from this book as you have to be willing to reflect on past experiences and have the determination and resolve to follow the suggestions for the book to have any actual effect!

What's the best book you've received or given as a present?

Thanks for Reading! :)

Check back tomorrow at 6pm for the final H&M x Balmain Look Book! (previous ones here; Look Book 1, Look Book 2)

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