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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Outfit...

A Christmas outfit for me has to look smart but be comfortable enough to wear all day (and most of the night!). This can be a tricky combo to find so this year I planned ahead...

I chose this Dark Plum Coloured Lace Dress from H&M. The straight cut may not be the most flattering, but makes it comfy and ensures the skirt wont fly up with the wind!
The colour is a rich wintery purple colour and the lace pattern makes it look quite classic. It's the type of dress you can dress up or dress down. In this case I chose to dress it down...

I styled the dress with black chunky heeled boots, which work well with the dress thanks to the length and I softened them up by adding some frilly ankle socks. Because of the  silver detailing on the shoes I chose a chunky silver necklace which sat nicely with  the high neckline of the dress. To finish the look off I carried a small black bag with some tassels, to carry any small items around with me.

Thus outfit was easy to put together and is quite a laid back making it perfect for a Christmas with the family!

Thanks for Reading :)

What are your Christmas outfit plans?

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