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Monday, 19 October 2015

Epic Eyeliners...

For me eyeliner is my favourite part of putting make-up on. I think a good winged liner can pull a whole make-up look together and completely transform a persons eyes. Over the years I have tried many an eyeliner, some I've loathed and some I've loved, so I thought I'd share my favourites...

1. Soap and Glory Supercat Liner: this is the best drugstore liquid pen liner I have tried. Unlike most pen liquid liners this one draws a completely opaque black line and it is extremely easy to use!

2. Barry M Gel Liner: Gel liner is definitely the most difficult type of eyeliner to use. However it does have some benefits, such as it's incredible ability to stay put! This eyeliner not only stays on all day and night but once it's on it doesn't smudge and requires a strong remover to get off.

3. Rimmel Special Eyes: This is perfect for smudging out to create the perfect smoky look or for tight lining and filling in your waterline. This is the most versatile eyeliner I have, and it's also the cheapest!

4. Rimmel GlamEyes: Liquid liners can be tricky to use, as the liquid is quite runny, but the thin brush applicator gives a very precise application, if you can be patient enough to apply it in little strokes.

5. LancĂ´me Artliner: I've saved the best (and most expensive) for last. This is my favourite eyeliner for 2 main reasons, the first being the application. It's sooo easy to apply this eyeliner because of the long and flexible applicator, you can create either thick or thin lines with complete ease. the second is the formula of the eyeliner itself. It' applies super opaque and requires only one swipe, which for me is essential in an eyeliner!

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Travel Diary: Final Day in Valencia :(

As this was the last full day we were to spend in Valencia, we thought we'd get in some well-deserved  rest and relaxation, so we headed to the beach!

After having lots to do and cover over the last few days it was nice to just bask in the sun, chat and play card games!
This was followed by a quick wade in the sea...

I even got a hair feather put in, despite it actually being the last day of our holiday!

Post beach-excursion, we visited a funfair we'd seen a few days ago...

Although I'm not a fan of rides I am a pro at dodgems...

After a delightful time at the fair we retired to our apartment where we watched one of our favourite movies which reminded us of home, where we would soon return...

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Travel Diary: Valencia - A Day In Town

We knew the town-centre of Valencia would be a beautiful and cultural place, so we dedicated a whole day to exploring!

We hopped off the bus near the Town Hall of Valencia, which is a beautiful building surrounded by pretty gardens and a lovely fountain.
After taking some time to admire the gardens, we did a spot of shopping in nearby shops. Most of them were souvenir shops with a few cute boutiques around too!
With our shopping needs met, we started a lengthy stroll to Valencia Cathedral when we found some amazing street art!

After some photos were taken we carried on to the Cathedral...

The Cathedral was huge and from then outside itself looked ornate decorated. Once inside we purchased a walking audio tour and were able to wonder around the Cathedral listening to it and following the little map given.

The frescos, paintings, sculptures and architecture inside the Cathedral were stunning!

The audio tours took us to each section and specific features of the cathedral and told us the story behind them.

After a few hours and a quick lunch, we headed to the Plaza de la Virgen where we sat at the the beautiful Turia Fountain talking and taking in the sun and atmosphere...

We rounded off the busy day with dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, followed by cocktails at a cute bar called Bar Code...

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