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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Travel Diary: Night Out in Valencia - Loco Club

Being a huge lover of music and avid goer of gigs and festivals, I was over the moon when we managed to fit in time to go to a club that had a live band!

As we neared we could hear a few guitar chords eminating from the club...

The fact that the doors leading to the club had "Rock and Roll All Nite" splashed over them gave me hope that the music would be my kind of stuff!

The venue walls were lined with Vinyl Records and there was a small shrine dedicated to Rock and Roll!

The decor of the place and the atmosphere perfectly matched the sound of the band; fun and loud!
Despite the music being in Spanish, soft rock transcends language and I really enjoyed the music!

Often it's the atmosphere and company that makes a night a good one and fortunately both were excellent at Loco Club!

I've searching for a place similar to this is England but I haven't seen anything comparable!
Let me know if you know anywhere similar!

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Travel Diary: Valencia - City of Arts and Sciences

Another of Valencia's huge tourist attraction is The City of arts and Sciences. It's a series of elaborate buildings, some structured to in someway represent what they house! For example L'Hemispheric which is an IMAX cinema was constructed to look like a giant eye and the L'Oceanographic, an aquarium, was fashioned to resemble a Water Lily...

Our first stop was the L'Oceanographic which is the largest aquarium in Europe...

Each section houses creatures from specific aquatic conditions such as the Wetlands or the Arctic sections. Although all the sections were pretty impressive, my favourite was the Mediterranean because you just can't beat being surrounded by sharks and fish in a classic aquarium style glass tunnel!

We also visited the Principe Felipe Science Museum, which was full of scientific facts and some lovely pieces of art...

The museum itself is quite overwhelming as there's a lot of topics covered! However the second floor has an area where you can really get involved and play with all sorts of instruments, so if you don't know where to start, thats the place!

Although we only spent a day at The City of Arts and Sciences, there's so much to do and see that we could easily have spent several!
If ever I'm fortunate to visit Valencia again, I will certainly try to block out a couple of days to visit this place again!

Thanks for reading :) 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Clubbing or Party Make-up...

So as promised in my last post, here's the look I wore to a bar and a club, which would be perfect for any upcoming parties or a night out for freshers week!

I started off with my eyes...

I put the shade Silk from the W7 in the buff palette all over the lid and then used a darker shade called Wave in the crease. After taking a few minutes to blend out Wave and rid myself of any harsh lines, I took the Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner pen and lined my eyes with a thick cat eye flick. I finished off the eyes by curling my lashes and using two coats of the Elizabeth Arden Mascara in Black.

Unfortunately this is the only close
up of my make-up from the night!

Next I focused on my skin. I started by using the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC20 all over my face. I then mixed the foundation with the Mac concealer in NC35 and used this under my eyes to conceal the dark circles. Using some translucent powder I set everything in place. Next I put the bronzer from the  Naked flushed palette just underneath my barely existent cheekbones and then the MUA highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones to contour. To finish off I used the MUA lipstick in Shade 1, a deep dark red, to cover my lips...

Anyone else excited for all the freshers events?!
Thanks for reading! :)

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Travel Diary: Night out in Valencia - Hawaika

One of the things we really liked about Valencia when we were in the process of decided where to go, was the nightlife!
We'd all been out in town and at parties of all kinda at home, so we were on the hunt for unusual bars and clubs that we don't get in England and we really hit the jackpot in Valencia!

When we found Hawaika on TripAdvisor, we were instantly excited! As all of us enjoy cocktails we thought this was the place to go!

(A post on clubbing/party make-up and outfit worn here coming very soon!)

When we walked into Hawaika, leis were bestowed upon us...

We were given a drinks list and the variety was astounding!
(I ordered the delicious Crepuscul del Amor)

Our drinks were brought to us by a hula girl, who set them down and poured dry ice into pockets in the elaborately decorated glasses. The whole experience was fabulous!
It was only made better by being given enormous straws to drink them with...

The whole experience from the decor of the bar, the hospitality of the hula girls, the way the drinks were presented, the music and the atmosphere was first class!
You can click on the links to check out their TripAdvisor, Instagram and Facebook to see more pictures and menus!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Travel Diary: Valencia Biopark

Despite being absolutely shattered from the events of the day before, we somehow managed to get ourselves up and out of our appartment and to one of Valencia's biggest tourist attractions; the Bioparc!

I'm not a fan of Zoos, however the Bioparc has many conservation and educational aims as well as housing (most) animals in habitats that are true to their natural ones and much more spacious than your regular zoo.

There was so many animals to see and so much to do! There's no explanation or commentary needed  for the following pictures, as the beauty of the land and animals speak for themselves! But I've added a few captions from things that were said on the day or sent in snapchats that fill me with nostalgia...

Who doesn't like a "stripey horse"?!
If you squint you might be able to make out the elephants?
Siesta time for this Gorilla!
Sergei was not on the mood to give us a quote on car insurance...

After some unrelenting shouting and rapping on the glass was unsuccessful in waking up the sleeping lion, an un-named friend suggested;

"Somebody cut themselves to wake him up!"

Despite feeling as tired as the lion, our day did not end after visiting the Bioparc...
(More to come soon!)

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Travel Diary: Valencia Hot Springs Tour

Our third day in Valencia was a polar opposite to the lazy one the day before, we decided to do a Hot Springs Tour that we'd found on TripAdvisor.

We were picked up from our hotel and taken to town in a minivan, where we switched to a coach and headed out to the outskirts of Valencia.
Our first stop was a waterfall called the Brides Veil.

It's an old tradition, that brides to be had to jump from one bank to the other, underneath the fountain before getting married. If they succeeded, their marriage would be happy!

Our next stop was lunch, where some of us sampled tapas at local restaurant, followed by some unusual wine tasting...

After Lunch, we drove to the Hot Springs

We swam a mile or so from the area shown above, to the Hot Spring area, where there was a palpable difference between the temperatures of the water surrounding us and of the springs and streams.
We also swam to a mini cliff, where a few of our group were able to go cliff jumping.

Post Cliff-Jumping Selfie

After visiting the springs, we took a short hike to our final stop, a Dam...

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Our guide Diego was excellent and our group contained people from Croatia, Australia, New York, Columbia and even Manchester giving us lots to talk about!

I can't recommend this tour enough, so if you're in the vicinity, GO FOR IT!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Travel Diary: Valencia Days 1 & 2

Any Sixth Form or College student knows that A Level exams are a real downer, but planning my end of school holiday was like the light at the end of the tunnel. Not being fans spending all our time lounging on a beach or constantly partying, we settled for a town in Spain where we could do both as well as cultural and stimulating things, called Valencia.

What drew us to Valencia was the variety of places to visit and things to do!
We decided our first full day would be a lazy beach day...

Malvarrosa Beach...
A clean beach with soft, fine sand, clear blue water and beach front shops galore!

After spending hours chatting, playing cards, swimming in the sea and chucking around a beach ball, we stumbled upon a Ferris Wheel and a playground...

Despite being 18, we couldn't resist having a go on the swings or the zip-wire!

The weather had been gorgeous all day, with a high of 41 degrees! So it was a shock to us all when as we were leaving the beach at 7 pm a thunder storm struck! (Shoutout to the lovely doormen at the nearby hotel who took pity on us and called us taxi's!)

We finished off the day by visiting Carrefour (which was soon to become one of our favourite stores) and a "Cheeky Burger King" (Nando's hasn't reached Valencia yet!) ;)