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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Travel Diary: Valencia Days 1 & 2

Any Sixth Form or College student knows that A Level exams are a real downer, but planning my end of school holiday was like the light at the end of the tunnel. Not being fans spending all our time lounging on a beach or constantly partying, we settled for a town in Spain where we could do both as well as cultural and stimulating things, called Valencia.

What drew us to Valencia was the variety of places to visit and things to do!
We decided our first full day would be a lazy beach day...

Malvarrosa Beach...
A clean beach with soft, fine sand, clear blue water and beach front shops galore!

After spending hours chatting, playing cards, swimming in the sea and chucking around a beach ball, we stumbled upon a Ferris Wheel and a playground...

Despite being 18, we couldn't resist having a go on the swings or the zip-wire!

The weather had been gorgeous all day, with a high of 41 degrees! So it was a shock to us all when as we were leaving the beach at 7 pm a thunder storm struck! (Shoutout to the lovely doormen at the nearby hotel who took pity on us and called us taxi's!)

We finished off the day by visiting Carrefour (which was soon to become one of our favourite stores) and a "Cheeky Burger King" (Nando's hasn't reached Valencia yet!) ;)

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