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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Travel Diary: Night Out in Valencia - Loco Club

Being a huge lover of music and avid goer of gigs and festivals, I was over the moon when we managed to fit in time to go to a club that had a live band!

As we neared we could hear a few guitar chords eminating from the club...

The fact that the doors leading to the club had "Rock and Roll All Nite" splashed over them gave me hope that the music would be my kind of stuff!

The venue walls were lined with Vinyl Records and there was a small shrine dedicated to Rock and Roll!

The decor of the place and the atmosphere perfectly matched the sound of the band; fun and loud!
Despite the music being in Spanish, soft rock transcends language and I really enjoyed the music!

Often it's the atmosphere and company that makes a night a good one and fortunately both were excellent at Loco Club!

I've searching for a place similar to this is England but I haven't seen anything comparable!
Let me know if you know anywhere similar!

Thanks for reading :)

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