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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Travel Diary: Night out in Valencia - Hawaika

One of the things we really liked about Valencia when we were in the process of decided where to go, was the nightlife!
We'd all been out in town and at parties of all kinda at home, so we were on the hunt for unusual bars and clubs that we don't get in England and we really hit the jackpot in Valencia!

When we found Hawaika on TripAdvisor, we were instantly excited! As all of us enjoy cocktails we thought this was the place to go!

(A post on clubbing/party make-up and outfit worn here coming very soon!)

When we walked into Hawaika, leis were bestowed upon us...

We were given a drinks list and the variety was astounding!
(I ordered the delicious Crepuscul del Amor)

Our drinks were brought to us by a hula girl, who set them down and poured dry ice into pockets in the elaborately decorated glasses. The whole experience was fabulous!
It was only made better by being given enormous straws to drink them with...

The whole experience from the decor of the bar, the hospitality of the hula girls, the way the drinks were presented, the music and the atmosphere was first class!
You can click on the links to check out their TripAdvisor, Instagram and Facebook to see more pictures and menus!