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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014!

December has just started, making it now acceptable to start thinking about Christmas!!!! This year I've decided to be super organised. I have everything from presents, plans and parties already sorted! Although I've realised from the panicked looks on many of my friends' faces that some people aren't as organised. So I thought I'd try to tackle one of the most common problems of Christmas time... Gift Shopping!
Christmas Shopping is always daunting, as it seems like there's no time yet so much to do. However, I think the key to a good Christmas present is finding something that will be appreciated or shows how much effort you've put in rather than how hefty the price tag! So I've created a small Gift-Guide to share some of my ideas with anyone struggling with shopping...

The first few ideas are for make-up and beauty lovers...

These make-up gift sets are from Boots, and are all around £15.00, and can be bought using Boots' 3 for 2 offer. The top right hand picture is of the Jack Wills Chubby Lips set, which has 4 very wearable shades of both matt and glossy lip colours. The bottom two pictures are of Ted Baker gift sets. The one on the left is The Kiss of Ted, which has a chubby stick, a red lipstick and lipliner, a mirror and lip balm. The other in called Shades in Waiting, which I've done a blog post reviewing. These are great for friends who're starting out with make-up or even someone who would enjoy an addition to their make-up stock! 
Another idea for beauty lovers would be Nail Polishes...

Nail Polishes are perfect for a budget present as they can be quite affordable, but still a welcome present to anyone who loves a bit of colour! The five in the picture are my favourite Christmas Nail Polishes; Ted Baker - Gold, Rimmel - Double Decker Red, Jack Wills Radford Nail Varnishes in Gold and Dark Star and Barry M - Amethyst Glitter.

These ideas are very general, but can be tailored to an individual...

The first is FUZZY SOCKS! I love winter, but I hate the cold! So socks like these are brilliant, as they're incredibly warm and soft helping keep your toes warm. The ones in the picture are from Primark and they're cheap and cheerful at £4. The next idea is DVD's, because everyone loves a good movie. The ones shown are classics that most girls seem to love, but obviously you could get a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy for your brother or someone who loves marvel or Now You See Me for your friend whose a little bit obsessed with Dave Franco! Next is Books, which can be tricky to choose, however if you choose a book written by an author they love, they'll be impressed you remembered that they liked that author. The books I've picked up are 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Fault In Our Stars' as they've become quite popular due to the fantastic movies! Also I've included 'The Mums Book of Glamour' as I feel this book is lovely to give to your mum or even grandmother, as you could use the books Arts and Crafts tips/ideas and turn it into an activity you can do together. Finally there's always Bath treats (from Soap and Glory)! These are great for people who love to pamper themselves or even those who need to be forced to relax!

Homeware is not everyones cup of tea, but there are many people who adore candles and love decorating their home to reflect themselves...

Candles are a wonderfully versatile gift as they can be bought in all shapes, smells and sizes! Pictured above is an Apple and Cinnamon candle, which smells delicious! Frames are also quite versatile gifts, however they can be personalised, by putting in a lovely picture, perhaps one of you and the recipient of the frame, to remind them of a special time. The two I've shown are quite different, the Small Owl Frame would be good for a portrait and the larger Rose Gold Frame would be nicer for a group shot.

The last few ideas were bought with my brother in mind, so could be perfect for boyfriends or dads too...

The first idea is a tumbler, the one pictured above is from Coast (available only in store) and would be great for lovers of Coffee or hot chocolate. The second is a phone case. This is a great present as you can choose one to suit whoever will receive it. I have bought the Vans iPhone case from Belkin, which I have myself and have used for a few months, so can safely say it is very good for accident prone people! And finally, one of my favourite presents, a Marvels comics Mug, Chocolate and ID tag set (only in store at Asda or Pound Stretcher). This is something I have bought for my brother who absolutely loves superheroes and has recently been enjoying watching Marvels Agents of Shield and Flash. So I reckon this would be a great treat for lovers of comics or superheroes.

 I hope this helps give you some ideas! Enjoy Shopping :)

P.S What would you love to receive from this guide?


  1. I see The Hunger Games! *whistles*

  2. I couldn't help putting it in seeing as the Mockingjay Part 1 has been such a success! xx