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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Winter is coming...

Although Winter doesn't actually begin until the 21st of December this year, as soon as bonfire night has passed I can't help thinking that winter has begun!
Maybe it's the events of bonfire night; wrapping up in coats and scarves to evade the chilly evening air, huddling round a warm beacon of light and heat, playing with sparklers with gloved hands that send the signal to my brain: WINTER IS HERE!

Regardless of why, the "winter feels" immediately alter my behaviour slightly, and make me reach for different things to wear and use, to suit the winter life a bit more...

Ankle Boots: For when you still want your tootsies to be warm as can be but would rather a touch more sophistication (and height!) than Uggs, pop on some thick socks and slip these on! - New Look

Trenchcoat: An elegant layer to make any outfit warmer and smarter. (Also great if you like pretending to be Misha Collins as Castiel :P) - H&M

Moisturiser: Winter has that unfortunate effect of drying things out, so a good moisturiser will help to relieve chapped lips and dry skin. - Lancome

Tumbler/Thermos: For those frosty mornings where just holding a warm beverage is a welcome treat. - Costa

Uggs: they're a love it or loathe it item for sure. I used to be a loather as I thought they looked chunky and were the opposite of winter elegance. However when I popped into Bicester Village and tried some on... bliss! They felt so warm and cosy that you forget any preconceived notions and HAVE to own some! - Ugg

Touch-screen gloves: In a world of constantly requiring phone usage, these are essential. This pair is one of the very few pairs I've managed to find that aren't too obvious in their function and look semi nice. - Jack Wills

Jumpers: Not much to say other than: they keep you warm and are great for layering! - Next

Lipstick: Nothing screams winter more than Dark Berry Shade or a Red lip to get you excited for Christmas! - Boots; Elizabeth Arden in 02 Red Door Red (Top LHS swatch), Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour lipstick in Always Plum (Top RHS swatch), Bourgeois Rouge Edition in 18 Violine Strass (Bottom RHS swatch)

Candles: Placing a burning candle or two around the house can brighten the place up and make your house smell divine! -  The Candle Factory, Herbal Lavender

What's the one thing that you can't live without when Winter comes around?

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. ankle boots are my fave and i definitely need to stock up on jumpers. winter isn't my favorite but i'm excited for warmer clothing and the holidays :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Me too! The holidays are the best thing about winter :)

  2. I definitely need more warmer weather clothing because it's finally starting to cool down in Arizona and I need more hats, scarves and jackets! xx,

    1. Ahhh, you can never have too many winter accessories and layers! xx