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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

No New News Here...

I absolutely hate watching the news.
I'm a pretty empathetic person and I get quite affected when I see others in distress or hurting or the loss of any life. So naturally watching the news saddens me as there seems to always be an abundance of bad news.

Just in recent days, atrocities that occurred in Paris have rightly been featured heavily in the news. What happened in Paris is a prime example of the kind of tragedy that happens far too regularly nowadays.
The only thing shown on the news/social media in the days after the attack that helped restore my faith in humanity was the overwhelming support shown for those in Paris. From the hashtag on twitter for Parisians in need to use to find shelter to many various monuments lighting up in Blue, White and Red.

Even Facebook created a filter of the french flag for people to put over their profile pictures. Although the sentiment is sweet and I myself partook in the act, I realise this wasn't a politically correct act. Articles from The Independent on why Charlotte Farnham won't be changing her profile picture and one questioning whether we are Euro-centric and why Facebook has only given the option to add a French flag filter somewhat sum up my ideology.

The gist of the articles are that it isn't right to show support for France in this way when this kind of senseless violence and tragedy is occurring regularly.
Both an attack in Lebanon and an Earthquake in Japan happened within 24 hours of the Paris attack, but where are the filters for these tragedies? Or for the countless times innocents have been slaughtered before this? Thus suggesting the way we've shown our support can seem as though we value the lives of Europeans more.

I completely understand that mourning is a personal choice as is how people choose to show their support, but I do hope that people are aware and equally saddened by the deaths of so many more outside of Europe!

Did you change your profile picture? Do you still stand by your choice?

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  1. The news is definitely a scary thing to watch - it makes you never want to leave your house, microwave your food, eat sugar, and the likes. You feel so vulnerable and emotionally scared so I say don't watch the news too often and don't let it effect you living your life! xx,

    1. Absolutely, It's terrifying! Thanks for the advice :) xx