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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Start Of Winging It

Hi there random citizen! Thanks for stumbling upon this post (even though it was probably by accident) and choosing to read this!

This is my first ever post, so I thought I'd start off by explaining why I chose "The Art Of Winging It" as my blog name. There are three things that influenced my choice of the name, the first and most important being that my friend and I thought "The Art Of Winging It" would be a great name for a beauty related YouTube channel! Although we soon realised we were both too busy with school, volunteering and work to arrange time to meet up and film as well as edit and maintain a well-run YouTube channel. So when I decided to create a blog I already had a name and image in mind for it.

However this is not the whole reason as to why I liked the name in the first place. It is mainly due to the idea that Winging It, in terms of eyeliner of the liquid variety in particular, seems to be an artistic skill, so there is literally an Art of Winging it, with it being eyeliner. This I feel gives the impression that this blog will be influenced by Make-up and All Things Beauty and Fashion Related.

But that's not all there is to it! As an A Level Philosophy and Ethics student I'm often asked to think about the Big Questions such as; Is There a God? What is the meaning of Life? What happens to us when we die? and my favourite to ponder over: How do we go about living a Moral Life? Although as part of my course we look at solutions to the problem created by dons at Oxford and Ancient Philosophers, I feel that a lot of the time, most of us do and can even get away with Winging It (although I do believe you must Wing It within the confines of the law, else there'd be total anarchy)! So my philosophy in life is basically to get by with just Winging It, not taking things too seriously, having fun and following your own inner convictions!

I feel I should also mention that “The Art” part of the name means something to me too! I have always loved to draw and although my pursue of an art career ended after my GCSE art teacher almost had a break down as I was so slow at drawing and painting due to being a perfectionist, that she didn’t think I’d even finish the exam (I did however get an A*, so there was a silver lining!). I still like to draw in my free time, and I find it to be quite therapeutic to put my headphones in and the volume up (did I mention I looove Music?) and draw for hours at a time!

I feel like that kind of vaguely describes what kind of content I’d like to put on this blog; Beauty, Fashion, Art and a bit of Music! Thank you if you managed to read this far without falling asleep and I hope you come back soon to see some more posts!

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