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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Travel Diary: Final Day in Valencia :(

As this was the last full day we were to spend in Valencia, we thought we'd get in some well-deserved  rest and relaxation, so we headed to the beach!

After having lots to do and cover over the last few days it was nice to just bask in the sun, chat and play card games!
This was followed by a quick wade in the sea...

I even got a hair feather put in, despite it actually being the last day of our holiday!

Post beach-excursion, we visited a funfair we'd seen a few days ago...

Although I'm not a fan of rides I am a pro at dodgems...

After a delightful time at the fair we retired to our apartment where we watched one of our favourite movies which reminded us of home, where we would soon return...

Thanks for reading! :)

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